When adults you trust steal your childhood, we hold wrongdoers accountable.

We bring a lifetime of understanding and advocacy for our clients who have endured childhood sex abuse while in the care of trusted adults such as family members, foster parents, organizations, child-care providers, schools, church groups and government agencies. We understand the deep pain and suffering that our clients have endured at the hands of adults entrusted with their well-being and care. We advise our clients on issues related to all aspects of their legal claims and remedies that protect your rights and confidentiality.

Vicky Vreeland started her service to sex abuse survivors in the mid-1970s, and became a Crisis Intervention Volunteer Advocate for King County Rape Relief, now King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. She took months of training in advocacy for sex abuse victim survivors, and became President of the KCRR/KCSARC Board. She served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Crime Victims Compensation Program, and worked with the Attorney General to set up the Victim Assistance Units in all the county prosecutors’ offices and to enact the Washington Victims’ Bill of Rights. As President of WSAJ, Vicky initiated and established the Interpersonal Violence Litigation Group – lawyers to work together to bring justice to those injured by sexual assault.

Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, without proper treatment, can experience adverse effects throughout their lifetime which impacts their personal life, relationships, work, career development, health and well-being. Many survivors do not even recognize that their emotional issues are based on the past abuse. The Washington State Legislature has provided that adult victims of childhood sexual abuse may still bring legal claims against the wrong-doers years after the abuse has stopped and years after the victim has reached the age of majority. Claims may be brought up to three years after the adult recognizes the connection between the abuse and the damages suffered. It may not be too late to get justice for you. Be sure to call for a consultation.

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