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ResultsVicky Vreeland has secured more than $100 million in jury and court awards and settlements over the course of her career and has been described in Trial News as "one of the state’s leading trial lawyers." She has a reputation for taking on difficult cases, and has pursued cases for her clients against multinational corporations and small businesses, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, judges, lawyers, corporate directors and officers, school districts and individuals.

Much of her work and success since 2011 after starting her own firm has been aided by the strong collaboration and dedicated legal work of members at Vreeland Law.  Diego has been an instrumental part of the more recent work and success, taking the lead on several significant and multi-plaintiff cases.

Each case is unique, and prior results do not determine the results in another case. To provide information as to the kinds of cases we have handled, below are some examples of cases but not a full listing of all our work.

Employment/Civil Rights Cases

  • Passantino v. Johnson & Johnson (1997) – Secured a landmark jury verdict of $11.7 million, plus costs and full fees awarded by the court for a female National Account Manager for J & J. Ms. Passantino raised issues of gender discrimination with her employer and suffered numerous acts of retaliation which destroyed her career. The jury awarded $2.1 million in economic losses, $1 million in emotional distress damages, and $8.6 million in punitive damages. Due to a federal cap on punitive damages, the court was forced to reduce the punitive award to $300,000. It also awarded over $500,000 in costs and fees.
  • Tenny and Grant v. Asotin County/Scott Gallina (2023) – Secured settlement of $2,875,000, additional $3,000 for mediation costs, and no contact terms against former Superior Court Judge Scott Gallina.  Claims against Gallina were ongoing sex harassment of female staff and sexual assaults; and against the County were for its failure to take prompt remedial action or protect its employees.  Based on our clients’ reports to the WSP, Gallina was criminally prosecuted by the State Attorney General’s office, pled guilty, and was sentenced to prison.  In conjunction with plaintiffs’ reports pre-suit to the EEOC which were referred to the Department of Justice, an action was prosecuted in federal court by DOJ against Asotin County. Grant became an Intervenor Plaintiff. The case was resolved by a Consent Decree in which Asotin County agreed to various polices and practices to comply with law.
  • Carrillo/Torres v. Casa Latina (2022) – Sexual harassment and retaliation against the employer and others, resolved with a policy limits demand and settlement of $1M.
  • Clapp v. DOT/Washington State Ferries (2022) – Long time ferry captain brought claims alleging blacklisting and first amendment violations arising from his workplace reports of safety issues and submitting tort claims against the State.  Settlement of $650,000 plus Court award of nearly $20,000 against the State for discovery sanctions.
  • Poffenberger v. Patel (2019-2022) – Severe domestic violence by hospitalist doctor dating a lab tech, resulting in criminal charges against him with a stipulation for dismissal after one year if conditions were met.  We represented the lab tech, and brought civil claims against Patel.  Discovery depositions revealed Patel’s non-compliance with the criminal case stipulation. We provided that evidence to the Prosecutor and the criminal court, which then found violations of the terms of the dismissal stipulation, and immediately sentenced Patel to prison.
  • Wudke and Hansen v. Lorenzo and IBEW Local 191 (2020-2021) – Claims of ongoing sexual harassment and retaliation by the Business Manager. Settlement of $1.4M.
  • Confidential Settlements (2019- 2021) in cases involving premises/contractor liability for rape and assault by third party outsider, executive employment contract breach, severance negotiations, and executive wrongful termination and related wage and business tort claims, and wrongful termination for protected activity. Collectively in excess of $6.2M.
  • Confidential Settlements (2017 – 2018) - Race and gender discrimination, disability discrimination and retaliation, violence in the workplace, Collectively recovered over $1.4 Million.
  • Rabidou, Superior Court of Okanogan County v. Okanogan County (and County Commissioners) (2017) - Contract interference, wage claims, and mandamus and declaratory judgment for violation of separation of powers by the County and its Commissioners. Recovered from defendant all pay increases plus interest per Administrator’s contract with the Court for a four-year period, and all costs and fees incurred of $359,000.
  • Mutchler/Wilson v. DLI (2016) - Claims of public policy violations, retaliation for engaging in protected acts. Jury verdict for one client of $575,000, global settlement in the total amount of $1,267,500.
  • Confidential Settlements – Five cases (2016) - Long term race discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation under state and federal law; disability discrimination and retaliation; retaliation for engaging in protected activity; hostile work environment; gender discrimination and retaliation. Collectively recovered over $1.6 Million.
  • Lougheed v. City of Aberdeen Police Department (2015) - Claims of gender discrimination, violation of Equal Pay Act. Secured settlement of $375,000 and various non-monetary relief to comply with law.
  • Confidential Settlements (2014) - Severance, wage/hour and discrimination claims, collectively more than $800,000.
  • Hill v. Conroy/City of Aberdeen (2013) - State claims of sex harassment and hostile work environment. Secured a $580,000 settlement.
  • Forhan v. Pacific Construction Systems, Inc. (2013)  - Obtained $507,000 settlement for damages to injured worker from employer due to suppression of his worker's compensation rights and claim against public policy. Obtained earlier sanctions award for discovery violations.
  • Confidential Settlement (2013) - Disability discrimination failure to accommodate. Secured a settlement of $225,000.
  • Confidential Settlements (2013) - Claims of breach of shareholder and employment agreements, non-compete issues, collectively more than $1.1 million.
  • Confidential Settlements - Claims of violations of Washington's Domestic Violence Leave Act by local and national companies.
  • Ankeny v. Homeland Security (2011) – Federal sector male employee with claims of gender discrimination and retaliation. The case was settled for $450,000.
  • Confidential Settlement (2011) – State claims of sexual harassment, assault, battery and failure to protect and remedy. Settled for $350,000.
  • Fike v. DSHS/Brenda Martinez (2010) – Jury verdict and court award for damages, costs and attorneys’ fees totaling $655,000. A long-time social worker was denied reasonable accommodation for her condition and suffered a hostile work environment.
  • Confidential Settlement (2009) – Claims of retaliation for reporting sex harassment and hostile work environment against a major corporation. Secured a $1.5 million settlement.
  • Confidential Settlement (2008) – Claims of disability discrimination, related to contract claims. Secured a $3.5 million settlement.
  • Greenwood v. DSHS (2007)  - Claims of retaliation for reporting age discrimination. Jury verdict and court award of fees and costs totaling $601,174.

Domestic Violence

  • Goodson v. Estate of Uraga (2014) – Tort claim for domestic violence and abuse. Settled for $900,000.
  • Braatz v. Department of Social & Health Services (2017) - Violations of the Domestic Violence Leave Protection Act. Early negotiated settlement of $200,000 plus back pay and benefits.

Sexual Abuse Cases

  • Three minors v. Riverview School District (2004-2007) – Secured a total of $1.425 million for victims.
  • Martenson v. DSHS (2003) – Secured a $325,000 settlement for damages sustained in foster care abuse.
  • Confidential Settlement (1997) – Secured a $350,000 settlement for a woman who was a victim of childhood sex abuse.
  • Confidential Settlement (1999) – Secured a $600,000 settlement for a male victim of sexual coercion by another male.
  • Confidential Settlement (1997) – Secured a $450,000 settlement for a woman who was a victim of childhood sex abuse by a female.
  • Confidential Settlement (1994) – Secured a $275,000 settlement for a woman who was a victim of childhood sex abuse by stepfather.

Commercial Liability/Fraud/Business Tort Cases

  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver of Cascade National Insurance Company, insurer receivership (2004 – 2017) - Handed all claims disputes, litigation to recover assets, and state court receivership proceedings.
  • Private Commercial Real Estate Conflict (2016) – Negotiated real estate terms, contract provisions, appraisals for owners.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver v. Statewide General Insurance Agency/Marcel Matar (2014) - Secured a summary judgment for Commissioner for nearly $1 million for withheld premiums and fees, breach of contract claims. Decision upheld on appeal.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver v. James Feltman, Trustee in Bankruptcy for Certified HR Services, et. a. (2014) - Secured appellate decision upholding Superior Court and Commissioner's Determination, against claims alleging fraudulent conveyances.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver of Cascade National Insurance Company v. Danny Pixler, Anthony Huff, Sheri Huff, Midwest Merger Management LLC (2010) – Secured a federal court jury verdict of $19.3 million plus costs, expenses and attorneys’ fees of $2.5 million. Case involved acts of fraud, criminal conspiracy, misrepresentations, contract breach, and violations of the consumer protection and criminal profiteering acts arising from workers’ compensation programs in California.
  • Confidential Settlements (2012) - Claims of breach of shareholder and employment agreements, non-compete issues, collectively more than $1.1 million.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver of Cascade National Insurance Company v. Anderson (2007) – Secured a $1.5 million settlement for negligence, breach of duty and officer and director liability.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver of KPS Health Plans v. Schneidler, et. al (2003) – Secured a $1.35 million settlement.
  • Insurance Commissioner as Receiver of KPS Health Plans, insurer receivership (1999 – 2005) – Handled all claims, contract disputes and receivership proceedings. Also handled purchase and sale of KPS to Group Health at approximately $20 million capitalization, closing the rehabilitation receivership.
  • Confidential Settlement (1992) – Secured a $350,000 settlement for architectural design/defect in commercial construction following a jury verdict in the client’s favor.
  • Confidential Settlement (1993) – Secured a $300,000 settlement for consumer protection violations in private school admissions and training.
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