Protect your job, career, reputation, compensation and benefits. We know how to handle employment cases.

We represent workers, professionals and executives faced with contract, severance, layoff and shareholder issues, and those who have suffered unfair treatment in the workplace – including discriminatory failure to hire or promote, hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation and harassment. We help guide you through tough employment issues while still on the job. We help develop your best exit strategy, obtain your rightful benefits, and review and negotiate a severance plan.

We will help you restore peace of mind by advising you on your rights and legal remedies available to you. We understand the financial and emotional stress you may face. We know how to help you pursue a resolution that works best for you.

Washington is an “at-will” state so unless you have a contract for a specified period of time or other enforceable promise, you can be terminated for no reason or for any reason, so long as your termination is not motivated by an unlawful reason. We investigate the facts to make sure that your rights and remedies are protected, and we frequently find that there has been a wrongful basis for the employment action against our clients. There are strict time limitations for filing an EEOC charge and bringing a claim. Call us for a consultation to protect your employment rights and future career development.

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