You are not alone. We are on your side.

We bring compassion and understanding to clients facing sexual harassment, coercion, domestic violence, sexual misconduct and assault. We have a successful track record of protecting the rights of both women and men. No one should suffer from a sexually coercive or sexually abusive workplace or any forms of domestic violence. And, no one should suffer from sexual assault, unlawful touching, or rape.

No one should any longer be subjected to sexual innuendo, degradation due to gender, or feel compelled to do anything against their will in order to keep their job. Federal and state laws offer significant rights and remedies, including lost wages and benefits, emotional distress damages, punitive damages, and recovery of costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees. We not only provide the legal expertise, but we help our clients regain their strength, power and self-esteem. Call for a consultation.

Washington has strong protections for those who need to take leave from work to deal with protection, plans and processes surrounding domestic violence.

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